Codman Surgical Instruments – The Trusted Brand for Innovative Neurological Devices

The Codman Surgical Instruments are highly specialized and innovative products that are designed to provide solutions to different neurological conditions. These are mainly used to deliver treatment, monitor conditions or diseases, and diagnose a broad-range of neurological problems. That’s why the Codman Surgical Instruments are relentlessly used by many doctors to deliver the best possible medical care and management for their patients.

The Codman and Shurtleff Company, which is a part of the DePuy of Companies, is a worldwide leader for producing top-class range of instruments and equipments that help diagnose and treat critical and persistent neurological disorders. These conditions include brain or spinal trauma, child and adult hydrocephalus, intractable pain, and arterial and venous abnormalities – just to name a few. Some of their latest products are aneurysm clips, implantable medication pumps, programmable valve systems, and other general specialty surgical instruments.

Hydrocephalus is a condition wherein there is an interruption to the normal flow, absorption, and production of the brain’s CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid), which is the medium that carries all the nutrients needed by the brain to remain healthy and fully-functional. If there’s an interruption or overproduction of CSF – such as in hydrocephalus – it will build up inside the brain that is shown through the swelling of a child’s or adult’s skull.

In order to resolve this problem, doctors install a shunt device that lets the CSF to flow freely in another part of the body, specifically the heart or abdominal area. These will facilitate the complete excretion of the CSF from the body.

The Codman Hakim Programmable Valve System is specifically designed to assist people with Hydrocephalus. Unlike other standard models on the market, this device lets neurosurgeons select from 18 varied pressure programs and make non-invasive pressure adjustments with precision at any time that they need to.

Pain, the ordinary kind, is usually relieved by a simple pain reliever medicine. But with intractable pain, that won’t be such the case. People who are suffering from intractable pain are not relieved by ordinary means of medical intervention, even with surgery. One of the most common medical interventions is to introduce continuous or scheduled dose of parenteral pain relievers by using a pumping system device.

The Codman 3000 drug pump is a cost-effective drug pumping device that provides pain and spasticity alleviation. Since it doesn’t require surgical operations to replace the batteries, the patient could expect reduced long-term operational cost when they use the Codman 3000.