Is the Holy Spirit a Distinct Person From God the Father?

Before we continue how about we characterize what wind is. It is the development of air. For what reason does air move? Wind is brought about by energy from the sun warming pieces of the earth unevenly. The hotter air is lighter since when something is warm it’s particles spread out. The cool air is denser which makes the warm air rise and the cool air replaces it. This is known as the interaction of convection and it is the thing that causes wind on the earth. To separate it once more, wind is the development of air brought about by an energy called heat. Wind is a power that we can feel and are sure that it is blowing, yet, it is undetectable to our eyes.

How might we apply this to the Spirit of the Lord? The Spirit is a power or energy that we can’t see, yet when the Spirit works we can unquestionably realize that it is working. John 3:8 “The breeze (Grk. Pneuma for Spirit) bloweth where it listeth (wants or satisfies), and thou hearest the sound thereof, yet canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is each one that is conceived of the Spirit.”

The Spirit likewise confers endless life to the individuals who get it. So the Spirit is life. John 6:63 “the soul quickeneth; the tissue profiteth nothing: the words that I express unto you, they are soul, and they are life.” The word quickeneth intends to make alive or to vitalize. So the Spirit is LIFE and POWER. It is simply the LIFE and POWER of God.

How about we further support the Father George Rutler contention that the Holy Spirit is the force of God. Luke 1:35 utilizations Spirit and Power reciprocally. Luk 1:35 “And the holy messenger replied and said unto her, The Holy Ghost will happen upon you, and the force of the Highest will dominate you: thusly additionally that heavenly thing which will be conceived of you will be known as the Son of God.” Some may say, ‘you make the Spirit a simple animal or specialist and not as much as God.’ This assertion is made in complete obliviousness. Trinitarians resort to this sort of contention when they are brought into a corner and have no place to go. To answer this charge I say this; God is a Spirit, that is the thing that he is comprised of. He is elusive, undetectable and is life and force itself. The Spirit is the LIFE FORCE of God and is God himself. In John 3:8 the Spirit is compared unto wind and wind is the development of air (imperceptible to the eye) brought about by energy. The Holy Spirit is God himself among and in his kin.

What might be said about the spots in the holy book where the Spirit is said to continue from the Father? The Spirit of God is definitely not an alternate individual anything else than your own human soul is an unexpected individual in comparison to yourself. God isn’t restricted to an individual body and can stay taking all things together places without a moment’s delay on the off chance that he so wants. So in the event that you had an inescapable Spirit you can make it continue from yourself to work, manage and direct individuals.