Look at Me – You’re Seeing God

Three sections in your Bible demonstrate indisputably that Jesus is God the Son. Peruse these three parts, at that point check whether you can respond to the accompanying inquiries. Keep in mind, these were Jesus’ final words to His adherents before He passed on. Vital!

1. John 14:1, “… trust in God, accept likewise in Me… ”

For what reason would Jesus inquire as to whether He isn’t God?

The individuals who do trust in Him will be saved. The individuals who don’t will be condemned. We who are spreading the Gospel message in our age don’t request that individuals have faith in us. Yet, Jesus requested individuals from His day to accept, in God, however in Himself.

2. John 14:6, “Nobody goes to the Father besides through Me.” Why do I need to experience Jesus in the event that He isn’t God? For what reason wouldn’t i be able to go straightforwardly to the Father? Is Jesus some way or another associated with the Father?

3. John 14:7-11, “On the off chance that you would have known Me, you would have known My Father… He who has seen Me has seen My Father… Trust Me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me.”

Were the Father and the Son straightforwardly related and indivisible?

Interesting inquiry, wouldn’t you say? Those supporters who looked on the essence of Jesus were seeing God. That is the Father George Rutler thing that Jesus said. Not just that, Jesus professed to be by one way or another “in” God, and God “in” Him. This was spoken before the Holy Spirit was offered out to devotees.

We talk about Jesus living in us today. However, in the day when Jesus talked this to His supporters it was anything but a typical idea. How is it possible that a would individual be in God, and God in Him? Except if He was God, maybe…

4. John 14:13, “Whatever you ask the Father in My name, that I will do.”

Ought not that read, “that will My Father do”? We implore the Father, however Jesus does the replying? It is safe to say that they are one?

5. John 14:17, “The Spirit of truth lives with you (current state) and will be in you (future tense).”

Who was with the supporters when He said this? Who is with all His actual supporters right up ’til today?” Are they a similar Person?

Do you comprehend the inquiry? Jesus was with the supporters for a very long time. The Holy Spirit was and is in His followers today. Jesus said that the Spirit of Truth lives with you (current state) and will be in you (future tense). Is Jesus saying here that He is unified with the Spirit of God?

6. John 14:23, “In the event that anybody loves Me… My Father will cherish him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.”

In the event that Jesus isn’t God, how might He go to each adherent with the Father?

“We”? He’s discussing His Father and Himself. We. Together, Jesus says, My Father and I will come to you and live there! What an inconceivable assertion!

We realize that Christians today are loaded up with the Holy Spirit. Yet, Jesus says that He and His Father will join that Spirit in living with adherents.

As such, you can’t separate the Father from the Son or the Son from the Spirit or the Father from the Spirit. They are One. Christians are frequently blamed for having three divine beings. Not in the least. One God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three out of One.

7. John 15:10, ” If you keep My precepts, you will live in My affection.”

Is it accurate to say that we should keep God’s charges? In the event that Jesus isn’t God, for what reason would he say he is giving separate edicts and His exceptional love to the individuals who comply with them?

This Jesus talked with such power. He doesn’t specify here the ten charges, yet appears to infer that in the event that we do what He says to do, He will cherish us.

He doesn’t make reference to the adoration for the Father, however one gets the feeling that to be cherished of Jesus is to be adored of the Father. Also, that is reality!

8. John 15:23, “He who abhors Me despises My Father moreover.”

To abhor one is to despise the other. Does that not mean they are the equivalent?

In the event that Jesus and the Father are one, to despise One is disdain the Other. On the off chance that they are two separate creatures, this assertion doesn’t bode well. To despise one individual doesn’t infer that you disdain someone else.

Many would say in our day that they love God yet could do without Jesus. Jesus Himself says that isn’t correct, on the grounds that Jesus and the Father are associated in a manner we can’t comprehend.

9. John 15:26, “The Helper… I will ship off you from the Father… the Spirit of truth that returns from the Father… ” Which right? Jesus sends the Spirit or the Spirit comes from the Father? Or then again both, simultaneously, on the grounds that the Father, and the Son, just as the Spirit, are the One God?

Here the water gets exceptionally overcast! Jesus says He will send the Holy Spirit from the Father. He proceeds to add that that Spirit comes out from the Father, apparently, all alone. That is, the Father is conveying the Spirit thus the Spirit goes any place the Father needs Him to go.

In any case, Jesus says, I’ll send you that Spirit. How might both Jesus and the Father send a similar Spirit? Except if they work in amazing solidarity…

10. John 16:14, “He [the Spirit] will laud Me.”

Be that as it may, shouldn’t the Spirit laud God? So Jesus is God?

To God be the brilliance, isn’t that so? Just God ought to get all magnificence and recognition for all that has been done and all that He is. We concur. However, Jesus says that the Spirit of God will extol Jesus. Such profanation! Except if, Jesus is God.

11. John 16:15, “Everything that the Father has are mine.”

What a remarkable, almost crazy, thing for somebody to say… except if He is God.

Everything claimed by the Father is mine, says Jesus. We, the Father and I, are co-proprietors of the universe. Who might dare make such a case however an individual from the Family called God?

In just 3 sections, in a small bunch of stanzas, we have found reality with regards to Who Jesus is. I challenge you to peruse and concentrate the wide range of various refrains toward the finish of this booklet. On the off chance that your heart is available to God, you will be persuaded that Jesus is God and that God’s actual observers concur that Jesus is God.

3. He is the Son of Man.

Jesus is one of us. He isn’t a soul being. He is a man. He comprehends man consummately, as man’s maker, and as man. He was enticed as are we. He encountered torment and delight as we do. He understands what is the issue here.

Jesus lowered Himself to become like us to tell us the best way to live. Jesus didn’t exploit His being God. He was so acceptable at this modesty that many missed the way that He is God. In any case, He laid advantage aside.

Each wonder He worked, He functioned as a man loaded up with the Holy Ghost. Everybody He recuperated, everybody He raised from the dead, everybody from whom He cast a devil, was liberated by the Spirit-filled man Jesus, Who realized how to keep in contact with His Father. Also, we can do very similar things He did! He said we would do considerably more noteworthy things!

Be that as it may, He isn’t only a child of man. He is the Son of Man. He is Earth’s #1 Son, however many oddball Him and scorn Him. They scorn him since they have found that Jesus has acquired the option to govern them and the entire world, and they would prefer not to be controlled by Him or anybody.

However, the Bible says that one day each knee will bow to King Jesus. He’s returning, this man Jesus, engaged and celebrated by the Father, and He will assume control over this planet. This planet was made for man to appreciate. Yet, there is such a lot of transgression and obliteration and torment surrounding us that it’s not generally a great spot.

Jesus, the man Jesus, will fix all that when He comes. Malicious won’t be permitted when Jesus is in control.

Simply think. No fetus removal facilities where infants can be tormented and murdered. No bars where individuals drink themselves to an early demise. No pornography houses where ladies are debased before the eyes of men, and later dealt with like creatures. Nobody permitted to contort the reality of Who Jesus is.

Since Jesus, the man-God Jesus, will be here face to face. No untruths will be told about Him at that point.